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Name: Laundry Liquid - Neroli

Price: 59p per 100g (Bulk discount available over 1kg)

Description: ALCOHOL ETHOXYLATE BLEND (mild non-ionic surfactant stain removal additive, boosts stain removal power on tough marks) ALKYL POLYGLUCOSIDE (naturally derived non-ionic surfactant, helps solubilise oils) AQUA (water, purified from municipal water sources, holds components in solution) GLYCERIN (fatty alcohol produced from vegetable oils, green solvent – provides mild degreasing power) MULTICOMPONENT FRAGRANCE (synthetic fragrance, nice fresh scent) PPG-2 METHYL ETHER (solvent, boosts cleaning power) SODIUM CITRATE (sodium salt of citric acid, ph adjuster & water softening) TRISODIUM DICARBOXYMETHYL ALANINATE (mild builder, prevents precipitation of hard water salts) XANTHAN GUM (rheology modifier from plant fibre binds, stabilises & increases viscosity)

Brand: Fill Co