Contain Yourself is a refill station for toiletries and household cleaning products with the aim of reducing plastic waste. All products are vegan, cruelty free and made from natural ingredients from UK suppliers including Bio D, Faith in Nature and Ecoleaf. Glass bottles are always available to purchase, however you are encouraged to bring any bottle from home to fill up - reusing is better than recycling!

Contain Yourself started from a passion to make a difference in my daily life to reduce plastic after reading lots of information and seeing shocking photographs of the devastating effects that plastic pollution is having on our planet. I was overwhelmed when I thought about how much plastic I used for everyday items, items which are used once then thrown away, and wanted the option to buy my products without plastic packaging, which is why I decided to start Contain Yourself and provide this service to my local area.

I took probably the biggest risk of my life and handed in my notice at my stable office job - I was terrified but relied on this and my passion to drive the idea and soon after, stocked up on bulk toiletries and household products, and started to offer this service to various Farmers Markets.

My goal when starting Contain Yourself was simple, to provide an easy way to reduce single use plastic and this remains my mission today and every day to come.

You can find Contain Yourself at markets and pop up events in Kent and East Sussex. Contain Yourself is also available for bookings including pop-up stalls, talks in schools or businesses and refill parties. A delivery service is also available if you are unable to attend a local market or you run out unexpectedly!